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Mario Kaneski

12/5/20233 min read

Christmas is coming!

For the occasion, the French house Ami, led by Alexandre Mattiussi, opens for the first time an ice-skating rink in the heart of Palais-Royal in Paris, from December 16 to 31, along with an exclusive pop-up. Tourists and Parisians can experience a unique adventure, gliding and slaloming on the ice. And the best part? Everyone can go for free, just sign up on the official website of the house starting today at 9 am, Brazil time. To fully enjoy the experience, a chalet will host the first Ami Café, and as Ami never does things halfway, the maison reveals an exclusive pop-up just steps away from the ice rink and the Louvre Museum, where you can purchase a selection of products, including accessories, bags, and clothes, including pieces from the special holiday capsule collection.

Pop Star

Sensual voice, well-produced music videos, captivating rhythms, and lyrics that evoke complicated love stories... Singer Ronisia Mendes Morges, known as Ronisia, 24 years old, born in Tarrafal (Cabo Verde), and established in France, is the new star of R'n'B. The singer is following a path of success and could very well forge a destiny worthy of Aya Nakamura, the Franco-Malian singer and the most listened-to French-speaking artist in the world. Influenced by Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé, as well as by Usher and zouk and Afro-Caribbean sounds, Ronisia gained success on TikTok with the song "Atterrissage" (platinum single whose video was viewed 64 million times) before releasing other singles and an album, "Ronisia" (2022), certified gold.

Cocoa in Art

Right in front of Cheval Blanc and Samaritaine, the LVMH group continues to spread its vision of French savoir-vivre with the inauguration of LV Dream. A cultural space that brings together an exhibition, a boutique, and, above all, a café specializing in fine pastries and gourmet chocolates. Under the leadership of Maxime Frédéric (the pastry chef of Cheval Blanc), the venue is uncompromising about the quality and origin of its ingredients (such as hazelnuts and eggs from its own farm in Normandy). On-site, chocolate bars are made in the shape of checkerboards, marshmallows in the shape of Vivienne, the mascot of the French house, which revisits the comforting flavor of a chocolate teddy bear, as well as monogrammed candies.

Pioneer of Innovation

Orchestrated in the Christine & Stephen A. Schwarzman fashion galleries of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the exhibition "Iris van Herpen: Sculpting the Senses" retraces, through a thematic journey, the thread of a plural and intuitive fashion. Open to both traditional methods and the use of new technologies, Iris van Herpen's approach stands out early in her discipline. After founding her house in 2007, the creator, trained alongside Alexander McQueen, soared high. In 2010, she left her mark, simultaneously making history in fashion, by presenting her first 3D-printed dress from the "Crystallization" collection. An iconic piece that completely questions traditional clothing typologies, a sign that surpassing norms does not scare Iris van Herpen, just as she opened a new path in the world of haute couture.

Revolutionary Art

The luxury market and consumerism continue to inspire artists. Leading the list of objects revisited several times, sneakers and their ever-growing business. Like the "Daft Punk" of 3.0 art, the Illegal Collab collective appropriates these fashion accessories and best-selling brands to transform them into highly desirable works. Discover a phenomenon that the luxury world did not see coming! Illegal Collab is a community of recognized artists that opens a parallel creative field to examine the relationship between art and money, money and illegality, and illegality and beauty. Illegal Collab brings together artists, craftsmen, and art enthusiasts in all its forms, without limits: sneakers, NFTs, canvases, watches, sculptures, luggage, music, clothes, and much more.


Becoming a true media phenomenon, Paris Fashion Week is full of memorable moments, experienced "in real life" by a handful of privileged and followed by millions of people on social media. In addition to the famous fashion shows, cool cocktails, and glamorous parties, tasting the hot potato with sturgeon eggs at Caviar Kaspia is one of the must-have experiences of fashion week. Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delevingne, Robert Pattinson, and Bella Hadid are just a small part of the illustrious guests who have crossed the doors of the restaurant. The story of Caviar Kaspia begins in 1927 when Arcady Fixon, a survivor of the Bolshevik revolution (1917-1921), founded his caviar company dedicated to the Caspian Sea caviar in Paris. Two years later, he inaugurates an authentic Russian restaurant on Rue des Mathurins, where refined dishes are served in a glamorous and intimate setting. In 1953, 17 Place de la Madeleine becomes the official address of Caviar Kaspia. Quickly, the restaurant becomes a meeting point for both the Russian intelligentsia and the Parisian cultural elite.